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In the time of corona: Music Connects
April 9, 2020  

Collage of programs

Musicians Without Borders thanks you for your support—also in this difficult time of fear and isolation. Now, more than ever, the safety, wellbeing and creativity of the children, youth and adults in our programs is our top priority. For many, music has become their only escape from cycles of poverty, violence, and despair. We are determined to make their continued access to music possible.

We are creating online lesson plans and fun activities for our young participants. We work with schools, cultural, health and welfare organizations to make these available. And we reach out to local musicians and our partners, nourishing those ties and connections as we plan the next steps, for the next phase—not knowing when, but knowing that it will come.

The global health crisis has brought much of the world’s activity to a halt and caused much fear and suffering. For many, it has also awakened a realization of the interdependence of life across our planet, strengthened empathy and brought new insights about what is truly important in life.

It has shown that borders are meaningless. And it has shown us what is meaningful: our compassion, our solidarity, our humor, our ability to find beauty in the darkest of times. Not surprising, that so many people around the world, looking for hope, solidarity and inspiration— turn to music.

As we continue to use music to build peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, we thank you for your trust and ongoing support.

MWB director Laura Hassler

Laura Hassler

Director of Musicians Without Borders

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