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Happy International Peace Day!
September 21, 2019  

In celebration of World Wide Music Day on June 21st, iZotope provided the Rwanda Youth Music program with a Spire Studio, so they can do multitrack, wireless recording and capture audio anywhere. This International Peace Day, we are excited to share with you the song, “Umwana n’Inkundi” (All Children are Equal), performed by Rwanda Youth Music.

Anyone who purchased the iZotope Music Essentials Bundle in June also helped iZotope raise $25k for Musicians Without Borders (MWB)!

The money raised will be used to train community music leaders, purchase instruments and run outreach workshops for the Musicians Without Borders’ program: ‘Rwanda Youth Music’. Supporting thousands of children and youth in vulnerable communities, Rwanda Youth Music began in 2010 to support the needs of children and young people living with HIV. Today Rwanda Youth Music supports young people living in situations of profound vulnerability, including young people in refugee camps, former street children, those living in poverty, and those living with HIV.