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Skopje Summer School Journal
September 24, 2018   West Balkans

A look into the day to day of the Skopje Summer School from the point of view of Proximity Mine’s guitarist, Tringa. Enjoy!

Hi readers ❤ in this blog post I will try to write a little bit of everything of what happened during our Skopje Summer School week, lezz goo.. ?

August 25th

9:00 – The bus is waiting, we all run over to talk to each other, because we haven’t had the chance to meet since the last training week. Everyone picks up their instruments and bags and jumps on the bus.
9:20 – Ready, set, gooo!!! ?
12:00 – It’s been a three and a half hour ride, but finally we stop at the faculty of music (where the rehearsals are held) and put all the equipments in the rehearsal room. Time to go to the hotel, rest and pack up.
16:00 – We head to the basement of hotel for an introduction meeting – unlike the years before, Mitrovica Rock School is not alone, there are THREE more schools joining! ?? woohoo! More company 🙂
16:15 – We welcome the Roma Rock School, Enterprise and Rockacademie to our 10th Skopje Summer School week. We are excited for the chance to get to know them in the following days!

August 26th

9:00 – Right after breakfast, we start coming up with ideas for new songs. As soon as we get to the rehearsal rooms, the band coaches are there, ready to help us get going. The band coaches are a huge influence for all of us during the week.

They aren’t there to tell us what to do, they help us by:

1. Listening
2. Giving you different ideas
3. Letting you choose what ideas you like the best, and are most comfortable with

But most importantly, they don’t hesitate to take long walks and listen to you when something is bothering you

With every day passing by, we tried to spend as much time together as possible. Every break we spent outside the hotel, after dinner we spent time talking about very important things like; what’s your zodiac sign? how many calories do chips actually have? and of course, we learned some Italian (and no, we were not good at it ?). And how could I forget… one of our sound engineers was performing a stand-up comedy show every night – he was pretty good, since everyone’s stomach started hurting from so much laughing 🙂
Aside from all the rehearsals, studio recordings and photo shoots, when we had a day off, we spent it the best way possible… AT THE POOL ?

August 31st

9:00 – Friday is here and everyone is excited and getting ready for the final concert.

15:00 – We have a certification ceremony and each band is recognized for their work and achievements.

20:00 – It’s concert time!! The concert is ? ?!!!!! The most beautiful colors, and everyone is happy and excited for what they achieved that week. To celebrate we went to an after party organized for us and in true rockstar fashion, we danced until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore. ??

September 1st

12:00 – The bus is getting ready to leave. It’s hard for everyone to say goodbye. We wish it could last longer, but we are already excited for next year. And we’re so proud of our work, we even have a SoundCloud compilation of our music.

Thanks again and see you next year!

*The Mitrovica Rock School is accepting new students! Learn to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys, or sing. Or join with your band! ?Fill out the registration form here and we’ll get in touch!

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