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Who’s who at the 2018 Summer School
July 27, 2018   West Balkans

Preparations for the ultimate band camp are in full swing. The 2018 Skopje Summer School is not only our Mitrovica Rock School’s 11th annual band camp, it also heralds in the Rock School’s 10th anniversary year, and launches a long term project #MusicConnects with Music School Enterprise and Roma Rock School.

The 2018 Summer School will bring together some 80 young musicians from Mitrovica, Skopje and the Netherlands. Longtime partner Fontys Rockacademie will provide training in band coaching, songwriting and sound engineering.

The ten participating bands will write their own songs, make studio recordings, shoot professional photos and music videos, and perform at an open-air concert for audience from Skopje and Mitrovica. The Summer School is known as the most intensive experience of the year, challenging students to create, produce and perform their own music for a regional audience.

The project Music Connects is supported by the Creative Twinning program of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency; the Stability Pact Fund through the German Embassy in Pristina; the Robert Bosch Stiftung; the Austrian Development Agency; and long-term MWB supporters.