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Building a House of Music
June 10, 2018   Palestine

by Fabienne van Eck

The best part of my work is when I learn new things from the children or adults we work with. Last year, we started a second cycle with our partners Music as Therapy International and trained six Palestinian social workers, educators and musicians in using Music as Therapy as a tool to reach developmental and behavioral goals.

After studying eight monthly tutorials and writing assignments, the trainees gave eight Music as Therapy sessions to small groups of four children, from theDheisheh and Al-Azzeh refugee camps.

In his last Music as Therapy session, Ahmad, the session leader, created a game where the children could practice and develop their skills in leadership, cooperation and listening to each other. They were given the freedom to create a house or structure from the furniture in the room, after which they used their new home as a large musical instrument. They used the structure to create sounds and played the lead-repeat game, in which one child plays a rhythm which is repeated by the rest of the group.

It has been amazing to see witness how these children have changed. Hearing about how the children cooperated and seeing these pictures were especially touching for me because I know the children for a few years now and I have witnessed their challenges in life.

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