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Welcome Notes in Torino
June 7, 2018   Europe

We are happy to report that we have started a new Welcome Notes training group in Torino, Italy, in collaboration with Musicians for Human Rights.

A group of wonderful young musicians joined us for the first weekend, the second part of the training will take place half July. The plan is to start Welcome Notes training groups in Bologna and Florence as well.

Interested local musicians can contact Anna Swinkels at [email protected]

We want to thank, Eva Roelofsen, one of the trainees for her wonderful feedback about our last Welcome Notes training in the Netherlands:

“I was inspired by the training and found some great tools to improve my own skills as a workshop leader. There is space for everyone to connect, to speak up or to hold back when needed. The training provided me with more direction and thanks to the course, I was able to initiate a collaboration with my own work and the Stichting de Vrolijkheid, a cultural non-profit here in Amsterdam. Not to mention, I had one of the most creative music improvisation sessions ever, which included lots of laughter and playfulness!”

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