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Rwanda Community Music Training (Rwinkwavu)
April 30, 2018   Rwanda

Written by Shyaka Allison, Rwanda Youth Music Project Manager

We all have a dream! Some people’s dream is to see others happy doing what they love! Others dream to do miraculous things! Musicians without Borders has a simple dream: “to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war using the power of music.”

This year in Rwanda we started a four week training in partnership with WE-Actx for Hope, Ready for Reading and SACCK. The first week we started with 22 participants of different ages, the oldest being 55 and the youngest being 13.  It is an amazing thing to see MwB’s aims being achieved at the highest level! The first week was successfully conducted by local trainers who were trained by MwB – Espoir and Yves – alongside two amazing assistant trainers – Jolie and Alexis.  One of the trainees gave feedback to the workshop trainers and they smiled and I could see how happy they felt about this feedback! She said, “I’ve seen that you guys are very talented and loving and you are very smart! We believe that we will learn a lot from you.”

During this training I’ve seen trainees become more attentive, admiring the skills and knowledge of Rwandan trainers. So many questions and curiosity leading to empowerment and a brighter future. I’ve seen women dancing and participants formerly living as street children clapping for them, encouraging them to continue. I’ve seen a 50+ year old woman smiling and sharing activities with a 13 year old girl!

Most of all, I’ve seen happiness and smile from everyone that attended these training sessions with the aim of using music to create a safe space where people can raise their voices, connect with others and imagine a future for themselves’.