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Music trumps Fear
April 3, 2018   Europe

When fear of ‘the other’ is used to divide and control, connecting people across divides becomes a radical act. As musicians, we understand the power of the arts to connect. We understand that fear is a tool of the powerful, and we understand that, to counter fear, human beings need to feel safe, included and respected.

Music can offer safety to the most vulnerable, community to the displaced, and a voice to the unheard. In Welcome Notes Europe, we train musicians to empower people who, as refugees, are often marginalized, maligned and excluded. We celebrate their talents and help build connections with their new communities.

Watch MwB trainers Manu and Guus, leading rap workshops with refugee youth in Crotone, Italy in early March, at the invitation of SOS Children’s Villages. Their rap about identity and hope is called ‘My Life.’ 

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