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March 7, 2018  

Bringing together musicians and scholars, this workshop will elicit the distinct contribution of music – as opposed to silence and non-musical sound – to commemoration and healing.

Panel featuring:

– Errollyn Wallen (singer-songwriter)

– Peter Grant (Senior Fellow in Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment, Cass Business School, London)

– Laura Hassler (Director, Musicians Without Borders, The Netherlands)

– Professor Scott Atran (anthropologist; Director of Research in Anthropology, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris; fellow of CRIC)

Chair: Dr Kate Kennedy-Allum (Weinrebe Research Fellow in Life-writing, Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, University of Oxford)

The panel is part of Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation, a Mellon-Sawyer Seminar Series running in 2017-18. It brings together academics from many different fields, politicians, people who have played a role in peace negotiations and leading figures from cultural policy and the charitable sector.  They will be joined by novelists, poets, artists and musicians whose work has marked war in some way.

This event is invitation only.

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