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It woke me up
February 15, 2018   Europe

We concluded another Welcome Notes training with a group of wonderful new musicians and music educators. A special thank you goes out to the ‘Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord’ for hosting us. Below you find quotes about the training from 2 trainees and a link to our photo album on Facebook.

How to Use Your Phone as a Creative Tool

Nienke Lootsma, violin and music teacher:

“It woke me up in many ways. To more creativity, to really look at the other person, to see what space he or she needs. It was very refreshing.”

One, Two, One

Kenneth Smith, Executive Director Musicopolis Institute, Cyprus:

“I came here because I wanted to get some sort of instruction about how I can go and do what I would like to do for these people. But what I’m leaving with, is a pretty clear sense that this is not in any way about what I would like to do. It’s about what these people need and what I might be able to do for them. And I think this is totally different way of thinking about how I organize my work. That lesson is sitting on me quite seriously. “

For more photos, have a look at our Facebook album.

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