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our work > news > Proximity Mine releases new music video
Proximity Mine releases new music video
February 1, 2018   West Balkans

Mixed band Proximity Mine is launching its latest music video. Set Me Free was recorded in Vienna and directed, filmed and produced by HATCHED-MV.

Proximity Mine is an Ambassador Band of our Mitrovica Rock School, led by frontwoman Ilda Krama and lead guitarist Alem Redzepagic. Their songs combine Ilda’s background in indies, pop and alternative with Alem’s love for metal. The band met at the Mitrovica Rock School in 2016 and will record their first album this year.

Stuart Jolley-Socea of HATCHED-MV shooting the video in the streets of Vienna

​With members from three different ethnic groups and both sides of ethnically divided Mitrovica, Proximity Mine crosses all musical and social borders and gives a voice to the young people of southeast Europe.

Stuart of HATCHED-MV shooting the video with singer Ilda in Vienna

The band was in Vienna to perform at the Grant Makers East Conference.

HATCHED-MV is a music video production house, specializing in online content for new bands breaking onto the scene. It created the video pro bono, in support of Musicians without Borders and our Rock School.

Insight into the editing process: the video timeline

Watch the video and let us know what you think below!