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January 25, 2018
Crossgates benefit album release

Jamie Dunphy is pleased and proud to announce the release of a new EP by the band Crossgates, which features four veteran Boston-area musicians: Tony D’Anna-drums, Jamie Dunphy-guitar and vocals, Greg Passler-guitar and Seth Peterson-bass. Recorded by Brian Charles at Zippah Recording Studios in Brookline, Massachusetts, “One Great Thing: A Tribute to Big Country” features six songs of love, loss, the tragedy of wasted potential and the beauty of redemption by the the iconic Scottish rock band.

Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson wrote poetic lyrics that were a call for both social and personal change, and he artfully reminded us that the two must go hand-in-hand. “Couple these thoughtful lyrics with beautiful melodies and very high level of musicianship,” say Dunphy, “and you get a great and, in my opinion, highly under-rated band. We are so glad to be able to pay homage to this wonderful group and to do so for a great cause.”

The album is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and Cdbaby, and all proceeds go to Musicians without Borders.

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