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Palestine Community Music 2017
December 20, 2017   Palestine

As the year comes to a close, we would like to share some highlights of what your support made possible for our Palestine Community Music program in 2017.

Our Musical Playground program has grown exponentially, engaging thousands of children across the West Bank who would not normally have the opportunity to make music together. We continued to strengthen our partnership with Sounds of Palestine, an El-Sistema inspired music education program as well as facilitated cultural exchange and skill sharing with international musicians through our ‘Fe Beit Fe Holanda’ project and our deaf workshop leader Halimeh’s participation in Musicians without Borders’ annual Training of Trainers in the Netherlands. We also invested in more training for our local team, in cooperation with Music as Therapy international, to support our music workshops with deaf and special needs groups.  

Beneficiaries in 2017:

  • Our workshop leaders reached almost 3923 children through more than 450 music workshops, including more than 450 children with special needs.
  • Over 700 community and family members attended our public events
  • We engaged 47 trainees in community music leadership, nonviolence and/or Music as Therapy training
  • 11 volunteers supported the program

Key events:

  • April-May: Original music theater performance and workshop series ‘Fe Beit Fe Holanda’ created in cooperation with Dutch and Palestinian musicians
  • September: Intensive training with Music as Therapy International
  • October: Deaf music workshop leader Halimeh Alsarabteh attended MwB’s Training of Trainers in the Netherlands

Watch a special video message from our deaf workshop leader Halimeh

In addition to expanding our Musical Playground program and providing ongoing training for our team of workshop leaders in music and nonviolence in the coming year, we plan to introduce a ‘white gloves’ choir that will bring participants from the deaf community together to sign and sing with choirs through our partner Sounds of Palestine. Your ongoing support will help to sustain our work in 2018, to strengthen the resilience and self-esteem of marginalized Palestinian children through music and to empower disadvantaged youth as change makers and cultural leaders in their own communities.

Thank you for your support, and best wishes for the new year!

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