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our work > news > Feminism and the Mitrovica Rock School
Feminism and the Mitrovica Rock School
December 7, 2017   West Balkans

In the last couple of years I noticed feminism and empowerment gaining more success than ever and being a girl growing up in patriarchal society with very strict rules and close minded ideals, I realized it really is something that should be important and brought to attention to everybody. Starting off as a singer and songwriter was my way to cope with these unwritten rules I didn’t want no more, but my problem was that I had no one to support me and hear me.

That’s when I met with Mitrovica Rock School. I started working on myself as a songwriter to get core messages about my opinions to everybody – and that’s when I got to work with a band thanks to my vocal coach. It was a blast knowing that I could get to everybody with the songs I wrote, but as I met people who thought my work was right, I also met people who were not pleased to watch me do things I love and care about.

Marina at a Rock School open mic, April 2017

Getting mean comments from parents, relatives, teachers and school mates was always a part of my daily life. ”You’re a girl, why would you want to yell on that stage?” and such were the things I could hear from anybody here. I had even given up on wanting to play drums because my mum told me it’s ”an instrument that boys should play”.

But as I became part of the band and met a lot of people from Kosovo and all around the world sharing the same opinions as me I realized I could be anything because I have somebody that thinks the way I do and likes my work. My self esteem grew higher as band coaches, members of my band and other bands and people who heard my songs thought my lyrics were right and true.

Sure, I’m aware that nowadays feminism can be portrayed wrong by women who don’t get the movement, but I know that after being a part of Mitrovica Rock School and getting my work appreciated by people I care about, nothing can stop me from being who I am and doing what I love.

I’m not ashamed to say I am a feminist, not that angry ”kill all men” type that everybody thinks about after hearing the word ”feminism” but the girl who believes in equality for everybody, because after all, Mitrovica Rock School is a place where equality, love and support are always put in the first place.

Marina with her band Feed D Fury, August 2017