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our work > news > MwB named 2018 Selected Organization by Georg & Agathe Foundation
MwB named 2018 Selected Organization by Georg & Agathe Foundation
November 24, 2017  

Musicians without Borders has been named a ‘2018 Selected Organization’ by the Georg & Agathe Foundation.

The Georg & Agathe Foundation is named after Baron Captain Georg von Trapp and Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, parents to the first seven von Trapp children portrayed in the musical, The Sound of Music. The musical was inspired by the von Trapp family’s story and career as internationally acclaimed musicians. Georg was also one of the most, decorated Austro-Hungarian naval heroes in WWI and Agathe was the granddaughter of British Engineer Robert Whitehead – inventor of the self-propelled torpedo.

The foundation was established to honor the heritage of all the family branches of Georg & Agathe’s families’ legacies, not of past-perfection, but for their music & art, humanitarianism, multi-culturalism, and historic merits.

In honor of their family’s legacy, through their “Give-back: Music & Art Programs” and “Give-back: Peace Initiatives” they annually select and donate to deserving organizations making a meaningful impact in those areas.

Musicians without Borders uses the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war. Founder & President, Shela Gobertina von Trapp said, “‘Musicians without Borders’ does exceptional work bringing music to people dealing with trauma, fear, and isolation as a result of war and conflict. Through their programs, participants develop skills and talents, helping them process grief and build bridges of reconciliation.The organizations have a lot of synergy, making ‘Musicians without Borders’ a natural choice for our 2018 selection.”

Photo: Trapp Family Choir, 1939, Netherlands, Photo: Courtesy of von Trapp family

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