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Thank You Video from Halimeh
November 22, 2017   Palestine

Halimeh, our deaf music workshop leader from Bethlehem, traveled to The Netherlands in October to participate in Musicians without Borders’ Training of Trainers. You can watch her thank you video here. An interpretation of her signs is written below.

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m very well, thank you! I would like to send you a video message: My name is Halimeh and I’m from Palestine. I went to The Netherlands to participate in a training. I’m very happy, because I learned so many things, it was excellent! I’m also happy because there were people from many different countries: from The Netherlands, England, Scotland, United States, Rwanda, Palestine, Israel, Italy. People from all over the world came together and it made me very happy that we could exchange with each other. This was really nice.
Then, I would like to give a very big thank you to the organization Musicians without Borders. Thank you! The director Laura, thank you! All the other people: Otto, Emma, Amanda, Darren, Fabienne, Ahmad, Danny, everyone worked really hard and a lot and I was feeling sad to see you getting tired. Many thanks to you! A very big thank you! Also, the people from all over the world, had many different ideas, which we shared together.
I’m very happy because I learned a lot from this. I went to the training in The Netherlands because of my work in Palestine. I work with organizations who work with people with special needs, in different places. When I heard I can go to The Netherlands to participate in the music training, I got very excited, and it gave me so many new ideas to do with people with special needs. This was really good, thank you so much! I felt heart broken when I finished in The Netherlands and I went back to Palestine, I was crying a bit and I felt very sad. But everything was really good.
Thank you very much Musicians without Borders, for everything: first for accommodation, second for the food, third for transportation including the flight, thank you so much for everything! And also Fabienne, thank you for interpreting, that was really tiring for you! Bravo! Thank you! Thank you for everything! I love you!