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Update from Ally: Training of Trainers 2017
November 20, 2017   Rwanda

In Kinyarwanda they say ‘’AKANYONI KATAGURUTSE NTIKAMENYA IYO BWEZE’’ meaning that a bird which doesn’t fly will never know where good seeds are!

Presenting Rwanda Youth Music

Last month I was lucky to visit Europe and to get the chance to work with different groups of people, children and the most talented musicians I’ve ever met.  I learnt a lot that will push me for the rest of my life!

Attending MwB’s Training of Trainers in Netherlands, and giving music workshops to children in Luxembourg helped me to understand why Musicians without Borders chose its five basic principles that guide making music: Equality, Safety, Inclusion, Creativity and Quality. Personally I think all these principals have one thing in common. It simply means we are all humans and we should live in a world where we feel safe, included, feel that we are all equal in a world which gives us a chance to be creative. This leads us to create quality in our lives, because we feel like human beings in a society.

Training of Trainers, Ede, October 2017

During my trip to Europe I visited two countries where I had the best moments. I was in Luxembourg and Netherlands. In Luxembourg I managed to give workshops to more than 300 children and later performed songs to people that were composed in Rwanda by Rwandan youth leaders and children!

The second week was in Netherlands, attending MwB’s Training of Trainers in Ede, which was really amazing! During my trip I met more than 50 talented musicians from 20 different countries, spending a week with them, being trained to become trainers. Learning from one another and being able to understand other people’s culture was inspiring.

Amahoro, Ally

We would like to thank Amitié Am Sand-Amizero and Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient for inviting our team to Luxembourg.