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our work > news > VIDEO: Mitrovica Rock School youth kick off tenth year
VIDEO: Mitrovica Rock School youth kick off tenth year
November 16, 2017   West Balkans

The Mitrovica Rock School started in 2008 with a summer school – then dubbed “the Rock School in Exile” – because the situation in Kosovo was too tense to safely bring youth together in Mitrovica. Our work progressed, and now our many mixed bands rehearse and perform in Kosovo. But every summer, we return to Skopje for the program’s most intense, fun and challenging musical experiences of the year: the Skopje Summer School.

In August 2017, our Mitrovica Rock School kicked off its anniversary year with our tenth annual summer school. Seven mixed bands, formed by Rock School students from both sides of ethnically divided Mitrovica, wrote, rehearsed, recorded and performed their original songs during a fun-packed musical week in neighboring Macedonia.

Music: Rootless
Video: Goran Jolovic

Topics: West Balkans