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Expert Meeting: Arts & Social Inclusion
November 14, 2017  
14-15 December, 2017
Landesmusikakademie NRW Steinweg 2 48619 Heek-Nienborg

Free, places limited.

To register: complete the online application form or send an email to: [email protected]


This expert meeting invites artists and arts organizations who are interested or involved in using the arts towards the inclusion of refugees and migrants in Europe. The following presenters include:

  • Darren Abrahams: Crisis Classroom
  • Laura Hassler, Director, Musicians without Borders and co-founder of platform Art.27
  • Bastian Holze, Berlin: Begegnungschor Berlin
  • Ursula Kerkmann and Beate Glombek, Cologne: Language Development by Singing in Primary Schools
  • Zainab Lax, Bielefeld: Community-based music therapy project
  • Maren Lueg, Hagen: Practical experiences gained in professional ensemble work with classical Western and Syrian musicians
  • Thomas Richardt (author) and Mohanad Jackmoor (director), Münsterland: Heimat X – regional and refugee artists‘ tandems with multidisciplinary topics
  • Matthias Rietschel, Essen: the Übehaus Kray e.V. and its effect of reducing xenophobia in young parents

More information and full schedule available here.

This meeting was developed and planned in cooperation between the Landesmusikakademie NRW and Musicians without Borders and made possible by funds of the Ministry of Culture and Science of Northrine-Westphalia.

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