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our work > news > Rock School band surprises Vienna audience
Rock School band surprises Vienna audience
October 5, 2017   West Balkans

Proximity Mine, an ethnically mixed band of our Mitrovica Rock School, headlined the closing concert of the Grantmakers East Forum in Vienna last week.

The conference highlighted the role of arts and culture in responding to the different threats Europe is facing, exploring how arts and culture can be powerful tools to re-open spaces and re-capture opportunities for open and challenging debate and expression.

The Rock School is a real-life example of music creating a safe space for people divided by a history of conflict to meet and connect. Proximity Mine, who found each other at the Mitrovica Rock School, cross all social and musical borders, and their talent is being noticed in the region and beyond.

While in Vienna, the band also recorded a music video with Stuart Jolley-Socea of music video platform HATCHED-MV.

Recording a music video with Stuart Jolley-Socea of HATCHED-MV

Overcoming obstacles is the theme of the video shot with Stuart Jolley-Socea

On Thursday September 28, the band gave a one-hour concert for a dancing crowd in the beautiful Ankersaal of Vienna’s old bread factory (Brotfabrik), and was called back for two encores.

Musicians without Borders, the Mitrovica Rock School and the members of Proximity Mine would like to extend a huge thanks to our hosts and to Stuart Jolley-Socea for making this such an amazing experience.

After the second encore. Photo by Nathan Murrell:

You can follow Proximity Mine on Facebook and on Instagram!

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