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Music as Therapy Training
September 12, 2017   Palestine

In September we welcomed music therapists Alexia Quin and Elizabeth Coombes from our partners Music as Therapy International. For two intensive days, six new trainees (one via video) practiced Music as Therapy skills such as observing, listening, developing and improvising. We studied recordings of real Music Therapy sessions and practiced how to attune to each other through music.

The two training days are part of the year-long course we offer together with Music as Therapy International, and is complemented with eight monthly tutorials and assignments, followed by eight weeks of practical work with young children with special needs.

Most of the instruments you see in the pictures are donated by individual and very useful in our practical work with the children. Are you interested to donate an instrument? Please contact us at [email protected]

Many thanks to Music as Therapy International for making this possible!