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August 30, 2017 •• Palestine Community Music
Sounds of Palestine’s Music Summer School

104 children, three weeks, three choirs, three orchestras, two performances: it was a busy August for our partners Sounds of Palestine!

Cellist and conductor Thomas Kanitz and violinist Ryuko Reid volunteered with Musicians without Borders during the summer and joined the team of Sounds of Palestine during their annual Music Summer School. They coached the teachers and taught the young students, broadening their horizons and significantly improving their music skills. They shared their expertise, giving the team and children a chance to learn from the best!

Sounds of Palestine is looking for professional musicians to volunteer with their local team for short or long term. If you are interested, please contact them at info@soundsofpalestine.org

For pictures and videos of the Music Summer School, click on one of the following links:

Music Summer School PART 1

Music Summer School PART 2

Music Summer School PART 3

Al-Majdal Orchestra plays ‘Relay Race’

Taleel Orchestra plays ‘Let’s Play a Rag’