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Team Rwanda 2017
August 28, 2017   Rwanda

This year sees the first MwB training course delivered entirely by our Rwandan team. Yves and Espoir are working as lead trainers, alongside a team of experienced music leaders. They are training a group of 15 young people to use music to benefit 100s of vulnerable children.

Kana Yves

Since the inception of the Rwanda Youth Music program in 2011 this has been an ambition for Musicians without Borders and our partners in Rwanda. During the years since then, trained Community Music Leaders have worked with 1000s of children in Rwanda – in refugee camps, street children homes, organisations working with young people living with HIV, and other vulnerable children. As they gained experience, we have employed them as assistant trainers in Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.  Last year Yves and Espoir travelled to the Netherlands for a Training of Trainers.

Rukengeza Espoir

Shyaka Allison, Program Coordinator

Now the team in Rwanda are leading the future of their program.

Congratulations to MwB Team Rwanda!

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