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our work > news > Rock School band Jutbina wins Award
Rock School band Jutbina wins Award
July 21, 2017   West Balkans

Originally posted as a blog by Jelena Zafirovic. Jelena is a longtime member of the Mitrovica Rock School, and a singer/songwriter in mixed band Sublime 6. She is also the Rock School’s official blogger and has frequently represented the school towards the press.

Jutbina was formed in 2013, with lead singer Lekë – who is also a member of one of our mixed bands High Frequency as a bass player – and he was the one who came up with the band name, being inspired by some sort of mythology. Besides being the lead singer, Lekë was the initial bass player of Jutbina for a long time, until the band was joined by Dren as a bass player, who is known as one of the best guitarists of the Rock School and is a part of the staff as a junior guitar teacher and administrative assistant. Other band members include Leotrim (guitar), Egzon (guitar) and Aron (Drums) – also part of the Rock School.

Being determined and hard-working, Jutbina started playing various festivals, and last year they recorded their debut album „Xhungel Urbane“, which in translation means „Urban Jungle“ and is inspired by their hometown Kosovo and how its complicated situation affects the general life there. Their success led them to winning an award at a competition in Rock per Rock. The competition also included bands from Pristina, Macedonia and Albania.

We congratulate Jutbina for this very much deserved award and we are looking forward to their continued success!

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