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Fe Beit Fe Holanda
May 25, 2017   Palestine

In April and May our local team of Palestinian musicians worked together with Dutch musicians to perform ‘Fe Beit Fe Holanda’ (In Holland is a House). The play, taking place in Amsterdam during the Golden Age, was written by Jerusalem based Dutch singer Anne-Marieke Evers and adapted to the local culture. Every performance was preceded by workshops for all participating children, in which they learned songs and body percussion to accompany some of the music. The children learned about musical instruments, history, and about the differences and similarities of life in The Netherlands and Palestine. Moreover, the resistance of certain Dutch villages at the end of the Eighty Years War was used to draw parallels to the occupation in Palestine and showed that war and occupation can end.

We worked with children from the following locations: Harmalah, Al-Khas and Nu’eman, Dar Salah, Dheisheh, Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camp, Beit Sahour and Azariyeh (Jeel al Amal Orphanage and school)

Number of children participating: 1236

For more pictures, click here and here.

This project has been made possible by the support of the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah

Topics: Palestine