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our work > news > SIMM-POSIUM (Social Impact of Making Music)
SIMM-POSIUM (Social Impact of Making Music)
May 21, 2017  
8-9 July, 2017
Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London, UK

Registration fee (excluding meals but including tea and coffee): £50

MwB Rwanda Youth Music project manager Chris Nicholson will present at the upcoming SIMM-POSIUM: 2nd Research Symposium on Social Impact of Making Music at the Guildhall School in London.

This symposium will bring together researchers, practitioners interested in research, and policymakers concerned with social welfare, to build and strengthen a network of professionals wishing to deepen rigorous and evidence-based understanding of how active participatory music making may be used to bring measurable social benefits to groups of individuals in diverse situations.

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