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Music Bridge Training Outcomes
May 12, 2017   Europe

As we prepare for the final week of training for our 2016-2017 Music Bridge program, we are taking stock of how our trainees have been developing as community music workshop leaders over the course of the year. Our intern and trainee, Kirsten Williams, helped us to prepare these charts, providing an insight into the skill sets that our trainees are building.

Overall, our trainees have perceived an increase in all measures since the start of the training, with the largest areas of growth in self-confidence, mood, confidence in leadership, ability to lead music workshops and ability to use music for individual change (based on an average of all respondent scores on a scale from 1-5).

During the previous training week in April, our trainees reporting the above activities as the most interesting to make use of as community music workshop leaders.

Our trainees are applying their skills in the following ways in local communities and abroad:

Overall, these themes have emerged as learning outcomes from our training program:

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