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Introducing WWMD Participants: Tracy Rose
May 11, 2017  

Tracy Rose is the founder of an online international music school Music Lessons Anywhere, which she established in 2013. Since then the school has grown exceedingly and today it is reaching over 100 students a week from all around the world and is still growing. Tracy is joining us for World Wide Music Day with her online Music Lessons Anywhere Playathon – a continuous music stream, produced by Music Lessons Anywhere teachers and students from all over the globe. Today, Tracy shares with us her point of view on music and social activism.

1. How did you find your way to music?

I started playing piano and taking lessons at 6 years old and took to music immediately. Music became central to my education which ultimately took me to the London College of Music to study piano. From there I launched my career in teaching music and piano.

2. How did you become involved in social activism?

Teaching music to a wide range of students and in recent years, across a wide range of countries, has given me a sense of social understanding. As an admirer of Musicians without Borders, I hope to realise some positive social change through my music and online music school.

3. What are the ways that a musician can make a difference today?

Because music is a universal language, it is a powerful medium for bringing people together and cutting through social and political differences. Music can provide inspiration and hope. Today the internet provides a means to take music, musicians and music teachers to people in areas difficult to access by conventional means, much more easily.

4. What are the main challenges for a musician-social activist?

To transcend political differences which can divide people and to reach people in inaccessible or hostile locations.

5. What motivates you to collaborate with Musicians without Borders?

Over the many years of my teaching music, I have seen the immense enrichment that music gives to people’s lives in many different ways. Teaching music has always provided me with a living but I would like to help music enrich lives where people are unable to access music or gain access to the resources or an environment where music can help them.

6. If you wanted to inspire people through music, what song/composition would you play?

Because I work with students from so many different cultures, ages, backgrounds and tastes in music, it would be impossible for me to narrow that down to anything near one song. I would have to say, whatever music inspires that individual in a positive way, that would be the music I would play them, and if they wanted to learn to play it or sing it themselves, I would try to help them fulfil that.

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