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our work > news > Unexpected Turn at Spring Band Camp
Unexpected Turn at Spring Band Camp
May 8, 2017   West Balkans

This blog was originally published by Mitrovica Rock School student Jelena. Read the original post here.

Our week in Skopje was very fruitful, but was cut short by a day because of the political situation in Skopje and parents’ understandable concerns. Therefore the staff had to act fast in order to provide safety for the group without having to cancel the concert and other following activities for which everyone worked really hard.

Coming to a plan B at the last moment was not easy, but we have achieved our goals thanks to our contacts in Gracanica who have welcomed us once again. This time, our stay was placed at the beautiful Hotel Ulpiana, which is very close to Genghis Pub – one of our favorite concert venues that we by now know well, having played there a few times.

We were once again happy to have Kiklop Kikloparium as our photographer, who has not only captured the gig itself, but was also present at some of the rehearsals back in Skopje, as well as the day after the concert when he did a photo shoot with our bands. Check the photos here!