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New Community Music Leaders coming soon!
April 20, 2017   Rwanda

Next month Musicians without Borders, at the invitation of our partner organization WE-ACTx for Hope, will begin training a group of 15 young people to be Community Music Leaders in Kigali, Rwanda. The young leaders from WE-ACTx for Hope are called “peer parents” as they act as mentors to children and youth from the organization. The training will run over 4 periods through the coming year.

This training will be our first that is led entirely by Rwandan musicians and assistant trainers who have received training from MwB in the past, and who all have extensive experience working with music with children. This is a great opportunity for the Rwandan team to lead and organize the training process.

The young leaders being trained will work with children every week.  Each of the peer parents works around 20 children each week. So the 15 trainees will work with 300 children weekly. The training they will receive will sharpen their skills, and strengthen the impact of their work supporting vulnerable children.

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