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our work > news > Ihorere Rwanda (Don’t worry Rwanda)
Ihorere Rwanda (Don’t worry Rwanda)
April 7, 2017   Rwanda

On this 23rd Day of Remembrance in Rwanda we stand with all Rwandans in memorial and for a peaceful future.

A young band from our partner organisation in Rwanda wrote this song, expressing their feelings of the tragic events of 1994.  It begins:

“Although I wasn’t there, I was told about it.

Imagining it is hard for me.

Their tears are flowing and they are full of sadness and my sorrow.”

The second verse says:

“All of us as Rwandan youth and all Rwandan people,

We won’t accept that Genocide happens again,

We wont accept that people kill each other again,

We wont accept tribes to divide people, which made our friends be killed while we still needed them.”

The chorus sings:

“Don’t worry Rwanda it wont happen again,

All Rwandans don’t worry, work hard,

We now have a strong nation.”

Love & Peace.

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