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Community Music Training in Germany
April 7, 2017  

This training has been developed for musicians and music pedagogues from all cultural backgrounds who wish to increase their ability to work towards the social inclusion of refugees and migrants, specific to the German context.

The following skills and subjects are addressed in the training:

– Community music approaches to singing, (body) percussion, movement, songwriting
– Trust-building and teamwork
– Feedback, evaluation and self-reflection
– Basic trauma awareness
– Nonviolent communication and building empathy between participants
– Nonverbal techniques for music making
– Creativity and improvisation
– Constructing a series of workshops and a community event

On December 6-7 there will be a follow-up meeting to reflect on trainee development as a community music workshop leaders. A second training will be offered from December 6-10, 2017, which is open to new trainees, and will be combined with the reflection meeting of the first group.

Trainers: Marion Haak-Schulenburg (Berlin) and Otto de Jong (Amsterdam). The training will be held in German and English.

Price: 122,- Euro for students up to 25 years / 172,- Euro for adults.
Accommodation in double rooms, extra charge for single rooms: 15,- Euro/night.

Due to the support of the Ministry for Culture of North Rhine Westfalia, participants only have to pay for accommodation and board.

Further information and application:

Topics: Events