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Musicians Without Borders Rap
March 20, 2017  

The following rap was written and performed by Janneke Daalderop, a trainee in our 2016 Training of Trainers in the Netherlands.

Musicians Without Borders
take no orders
from violent forces.

They allow:
confusion, inclusion, and
conclusion to exist,
Fot which a safe space is set
and cared for with respect.

Respect to all who are there
coming from everywhere
around the globe
bringing hope.
Musicking maybe just to cope
with these feelings of anger, of grief.
What a relief:
they can be brief     brief       brief

Brief in their words, carefully chosen
just to suit the goal of their pursuit
which is building connection
or maybe, actually,
just to remind all who are there
that they are not alone.

They do not have to own
all the world, just to feel safe and respected and loved and
just basically appreciated for who they are.

A famous star is famous
for what it does,
not what it owns,
and our mistakes and our confusions
merely serve as stepping stones

To recover from this system that
suppresses expression of power,
of creativity and of caring with love.

As if we all are not safe,
As if we have to be tough
all the time, just to cope,
but Living Free is our hope.

To celebrate diversity and learn every hour.
Cause we connect with each other and with our own inner power!
Our own inner power.


Written by Janneke Jes Daalderop on October 22nd 2016

Topics: MWB Stories