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Training Announcement: Welcome Notes Italy
March 6, 2017   Europe

Musicians without Borders and Musicians for Human Rights’ training in Rome, 24-26 March, 2017

(Clicca qui per leggere questo annuncio in italiano.)

We offer training for musicians who want to learn how to use music as a tool to support refugees and asylum seekers. This training has been specially adapted from Musicians without Borders’ advanced training course and will include supervised practical work at reception centers. With this training, we offer musicians the necessary skills to lead music workshops for refugees in Italian communities.


As refugees arrive in increasing numbers in Italy, we are building a program of support and solidarity. Our trainers and workshop leaders use the power of music to engage people living in reception centers, building trust and connection among refugees, as well as with the local communities in which they are now located. The program in Italy is an expansion of our pilot program in The Netherlands with the goal of creating connections between local musicians and refugees throughout Europe.


  • Bring hope and comfort to those who have been driven from their homes by war, persecution, or human rights violations.
  • Build bridges and create solidarity in European communities.
  • Provide a safe, fun, and supportive space for artistic expression and cultural exchange.


This pilot program will run for 3 months, from March 24 until June 30. It will consist of one or two training weekends. Musicians will be trained as Community Music Leaders according to Musicians without Borders’ methodology. During the three-month period the trainees are expected to run workshops regularly in identified refugee centers, under supervision of a local Musicians without Borders coach.

The first 3-day training will take place in Rome on 24, 25, and 26 of March, 2017, and will be held in English.

The following skills and subjects are addressed in the training:

  • Community music approaches to singing, (body) percussion, movement, songwriting
  • Trust-building and teamwork
  • Feedback, evaluation and self-reflection
  • Basic trauma awareness
  • Nonviolent communication and creating empathy
  • Nonverbal techniques for music making
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Organizing a community event

Musicians who would like to apply must fulfill the following:

  • Commitment and availability: be present on all 3 training days; willing to learn; willing to invest in the community; and time to give the actual workshops following the training: at least twice a month for the period of 3 months until the end of June;
  • Professional musicians or amateur musicians with comparable high level of musical proficiency;
  • Experience working with groups of children, youth and/or adults for a length of time;
  • Leadership qualities: not afraid to step up to a challenge, good communicator, socially aware, good listener, capacity for empathy;

The first 3-day training in Rome costs EUR 50.
Trainees must arrange for their own transportation and accommodation if needed.
Following the training, trainees who will be found suitable for working with refugees will receive a small stipend for their workshops during the pilot period.

Application deadline: March 17th.
To apply, please fill in the following form:

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