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February 17, 2017 •• Mitrovica Rock School
Mitrovica’s bands rehearse during training weeks

From January 30 till February 5, longtime Mitrovica Rock School friend Eric Coenen came to Mitrovica for an intensive week of songwriting sessions with five of our ethnically mixed bands. While Eric knows the Rock School well, this was his first time in Mitrovica – he had previously coached our bands during two summer schools in Skopje, Macedonia. Eric teaches at the Fontys Rockacademie, one of the founding partners behind the Mitrovica Rock School.

Eric Coenen challenges members of Proximity Mine to create instrumental parts that best serve the song

For over a year, the Rock School’s mixed bands have been writing songs together at our branches in north and south Mitrovica. Expert coaches connected to leading popular music academies in the Netherlands guide our junior teachers in the art of band coaching and help our students write their own songs.

This spring, the Mitrovica Rock School plans to launch three new mixed bands, connecting an even higher number of our students.

Upcoming events:

  • March 19-16: songwriting week for mixed bands with trainer Ruud Borgers
  • March 25: concert at Genghis Pub in Gracanica
  • April 24-30: Spring Band Camp for new mixed bands in Skopje with trainer Ruud Borgers
  • April 25: concert at Bravo music club in Skopje
  • Mid-May: songwriting week for mixed bands with trainer Eric Wels
  • Mid-June: songwriting week for mixed bands with trainer Eric Wels
  • June: concert at Hamam Jazz Bar in Pristina or Genghis Pub in Gracanica
  • August 20-27: 10th annual summer school for ethnically mixed bands in Skopje

Mixed band I.F.O. works on a new song

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