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PLACE Uganda
ESTABLISHED September 2016

We’re training youth leaders to use the power of music to address the effects of HIV in young people.

February 14, 2017
Being Creative

Last month, the 30 trainee Community Music Leaders in Kampala, came back together for a week focussed on creative music-making; developing their own creativity, and inviting the creativity of children participating in their workshops.

Drum circle facilitation

To lead the training, we welcomed Yaara Barbash, a percussionist and workshop facilitator, who has worked with Musicians without Borders in Rwanda and the Netherlands. She worked alongside two musicians from Rwanda, who have vast experience in community music-making.

During this third week of training, the young leaders learnt new techniques in song-writing, drum circle facilitation, guiding dance, and nonviolent communication.

Click on the photo to see more images from a beautiful week of music-making:

Creative learning

The 30 young Community Music Leaders facilitate music-making with 100s of vulnerable young people.