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Welcome Notes in the Spring (House)
February 14, 2017   Europe

Last weekend, we ran our third Welcome Notes training at the Spring House in Amsterdam, reaching over 20 musicians from the UK, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The training was led by Otto de Jong, Hanno Tomassen and special guest Darren Abrahams of Crisis Classroom.

The aim of the Welcome Notes project is to use music to connect with refugees in communities across Europe, offering musicians practical skills to create safe musical spaces for people living with grief, loss and uncertainty. In 2016, we trained 37 musicians and led 25 workshops in refugee centers across the Netherlands, reaching approximately 500 refugee participants.

Our trainees shared their experiences from the recent training:

It surpassed my expectations. It has been brilliant – so informative, encouraging and inspiring.

What I found particularly helpful was the emphasis on the ‘why’, and Darren’s talk – it’s given me a framework to contextualize things I’ve been doing by instinct, helped me to understand why I’ve been making some of the choices I make when leading workshops.

Good mixture of activity, discussion and listening. And all skills very transferable from work with refugees to work in many other contexts.

Beautiful demonstration from all trainers of how to hold a group in a democratic, creative and inclusive way.

View pictures from the training here.

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