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Being Creative
February 14, 2017   Rwanda

Last month, the 30 trainee Community Music Leaders in Kampala, came back together for a week focussed on creative music-making; developing their own creativity, and inviting the creativity of children participating in their workshops.

Drum circle facilitation

To lead the training, we welcomed Yaara Barbash, a percussionist and workshop facilitator, who has worked with Musicians without Borders in Rwanda and the Netherlands. She worked alongside two musicians from Rwanda, who have vast experience in community music-making.

During this third week of training, the young leaders learnt new techniques in song-writing, drum circle facilitation, guiding dance, and nonviolent communication.

Click on the photo to see more images from a beautiful week of music-making:

Creative learning

The 30 young Community Music Leaders facilitate music-making with 100s of vulnerable young people.

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