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Mitrovica Rock School on BBC radio
December 8, 2016   West Balkans

Mitrovica Rock School band Sublime 6 on BBC World Service’s The Cultural Frontline. Report by Guy De Launey, photos by Kiklop Kikloparium.

Jelena – My name is Jelena and I’m from North Kosovska Mitrovica, and I am a singer in my mixed band Sublime 6.
Living in Mitrovica… I’m used to it. It’s not great, because sometimes there are problems, not only between Albanians and Serbs, but also Serbs with Serbs, and there’s lot of problems, but still, I try to make most of my music, and that kind of keeps me going – the Rock School is basically what keeps me going, and I write my songs and I play with people, and that’s the beautiful part of it for me. That’s the core of the Rock School, to bring people together and that’s exactly what they have achieved.

Sublime 6

Edona – We are doing revolution in Kosovo with that. It’s the first time, really, that Serbian and Kosovar play together, really. And, we feel really comfortable doing that. I feel really comfortable doing that… and I’m happy that we are doing that, really.

Dren – We play together, and we started playing together, like, at first we maybe didn’t know each other, but then, like, now we are like a family. We speak with each other like we are real friends, and that’s a part of music.

Jelena – Sometimes, I mean, I feel more comfortable with them than some people- than some Serbs, I mean… it’s just, sometimes I feel like an alien in Mitrovica, to be honest, and when I’m with them, it’s just, like, everything- I feel safe, actually. Even though it sounds kind of ironic, but they are not- I mean, some people were against me doing that, but, it’s like, I’m not playing music with terrorists, I’m playing music with musicians, with my friends, you know?

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