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our work > news > Musical Playgrounds in Za’atara and Husan village
Musical Playgrounds in Za’atara and Husan village
December 7, 2016   Palestine

While the weather is getting colder, we gave workshops and performed with the children of two governmental schools in the isolated villages Za’atara and Husan. Both villages suffer in different and similar ways from the occupation and nearby settlements. Because of lack of space and classrooms, the girls from Za’atara finish school every day at 11.30, so a second group of children can go to school in the afternoon. We were grateful to work in these schools, and have lots of respect for the teachers, who have to cover the complete curriculum in such a short time. Thank you for letting us use some of that valuable lesson time to make music! Feedback from teachers of the schools we visit tells us that our activities motivate the children to go to school and to stay positive.


Enjoy the pictures!

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