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November 11, 2016 •• Welcome Notes
An Inspiring Training Weekend!

We’ve just completed another inspiring ‘Welcome Notes’ training weekend at the Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord. Fifteen musicians joined to learn and share how to use music in our work with refugees.


Anna Swinkels, the project manager says: “The longer I’ve been connected to MwB the more I believe it takes a special kind of person who’s willing to learn and share knowledge about how to use the power of music to inspire social change and reconciliation. Last weekend was another great example of this and I feel privileged to have connected with these wonderful people.

During the training we covered issues of safety, empathy, connection and fun. And every time it strikes me how effortlessly our trainers manage to inspire these values within the training group so quickly. We talk about these subjects, but more importantly, we experience them ourselves during the weekend. Because how better to learn how to create a safe place in your music workshop than by experiencing it?

I feel grateful that I can help organize these training weekends and connect new musicians with each other and with Musicians without Borders. Because there are more of us out there than we know and we need each other to support, share and inspire!”

In our training musicians learn community music skills, nonviolent communication, and trauma awareness. As newly arrived refugees are shunted from place to place, our workshop leaders move with them. Following work in Haarlem, Almere and Amsterdam, our trainees are now running workshops in centers in Alkmaar and Zaanstad. Everywhere, the overwhelmingly positive response from participants inspires us to continue and expand this program.

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