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October 12, 2016 •• Mitrovica Rock School
August 24 – A trip to the swimming pool

Originally posted as a blog by Jelena Zafirovic. Jelena is a longtime member of the Mitrovica Rock School, and a singer/songwriter in mixed band Sublime 6. She is also the Rock School’s official blogger and has frequently represented the school towards the press.

Hey, Rock School lovers!

After working hard on their music, everyone got a chance to relax and have more free time on the 24th, by travelling to Veles. Despite the weather’s constant mood change, we were lucky to have the sun return on this day, so we could swim and enjoy ourselves, just as planned.




It was great to have one day all to ourselves, but we don’t rest for long, because our mission here is still to continue working hard in order to prepare one of the best live shows ever in the history of summer and winter school. The bands are versatile and powerful enough to create the right atmosphere and connect with the audience via their music.


So, the next day is, once again, all about rehearsals and recording. The bands are ready to create even more, and put some finishing touches on their inspiring progress so far. Keep checking in to find out what happens next!