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our work > news > August 22 – The first rehearsals
August 22 – The first rehearsals
October 12, 2016   West Balkans

Originally posted as a blog by Jelena Zafirovic. Jelena is a longtime member of the Mitrovica Rock School, and a singer/songwriter in mixed band Sublime 6. She is also the Rock School’s official blogger and has frequently represented the school towards the press.

Hey everyone,

Monday was the first busy day for our students. All the bands began having their scheduled rehearsals, while the coaches supervised them. The older bands are remembering their existing songs and planning to work on some new material in the future rehearsals, while the new students are working on their original songs for the first time with their bands, and some of them have yet to come up with a band name.

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While the students are working on their craft, the staff is working hard on perfecting the future schedules so that nothing goes wrong and everyone has a positive experience. Also, they are gathering the names of the friends and families who wish to attend the closing concert at the end of the week. So far, everything is going as planned and our participants are having a great time.

Thank you for checking in, and stay tuned for more news on our progress!