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Summer School is back in 2016
October 12, 2016   West Balkans

Originally posted as a blog by Jelena Zafirovic. Jelena is a longtime member of the Mitrovica Rock School, and a singer/songwriter in mixed band Sublime 6. She is also the Rock School’s official blogger and has frequently represented the school towards the press.

Hello everyone,

Mitrovica Rock School still stands strong, and this year is visiting Skopje, Macedonia again, for another week of music and friendship. Sunday, 21st of August, is their first day in Skopje of this year’s summer school. There are some new participants who have yet to start working in their newly formed mixed bands, but there are also seniors that will either be working on new materials with their bands with the previous experiences in Skopje, as well as seniors who have been promoted to coaches.

The bus has picked up our participants early in the morning, along with all the equipment and instruments that they will need this week. As always, the mood in the bus was very positive and friendly; the students are eager to begin with their rehearsals and connect with their band mates by coming up with original songs that they will perform in concert by the end of the week.

Once they arrived at the hotel, they unloaded all the equipment from the bus and got settled in their rooms. After lunch, everyone has attended the official meeting where the students individually presented themselves and their fellow band members, as well as the new coaches presented themselves and explained a bit about their roles for this week. It has been implied that the new students need to come up with names for their bands.

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After dinner, the students were offered to join the tour of the city, when they would visit some of the significant areas, and hopefully catch some fresh air after a very sunny day. The students will be recharged and ready for tomorrow’s busier schedule, when they will start rehearsing with their bands and do their best to turn their ideas into powerful new songs, which will make this experience even more rewarding for them and everyone who listens.

Stay tuned for more info on their progress!

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