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Exchange of Umuco (Culture)
October 7, 2016   Rwanda

Musicians without Borders in Rwanda, and the Hove Junior School in UK, today linked up live for a cultural exchange.


Children from the school were able to speak with Espoir and Ally, live from Kigali, and ask them questions about their work using music to support vulnerable children.  Questions included why and how often Espoir and Ally play music with children.  In answer, the Rwandan musicians said they made music with children because it brings them joy and hope, and this is a wonderful way to bring people together and unite them.

The school also asked if there was a song that they could learn from Rwanda, and Espoir and Ally shared with them a song called Umuco, which means Culture in Kinyarwanda.  Their teacher, Ms Atkinson, accepted the challenge for the children to learn the song and perform it live back to Rwanda next week!

Enjoy this beautiful connection:

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