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September 5, 2016
Peace Cello

“I was working on the inlay on the back of my 50th cello,” she recalls, “just after the tragedy in Paris had happened. Every day, when I’m in my workshop, not under any threat, with the heating on and beautiful music on the radio, I realise just how privileged I am to be able to do this work, which is my passion. But then my thoughts drifted to all those people who were killed in this tragedy in Paris.”

Saskia Schouten, violin builder and chairman of the Dutch Violin and Bow Maker Association, decided to add the peace symbol to her cello, using three layers of wood: ebony – peer – ebony.

peace cello

Not only did she build this inspiring instrument, she also donated 10% of the proceeds from sales of her ‘peace cello’ to Musicians without Borders!

“…I just hope my ‘peace cello’ will contribute to a more positive and nicer- sounding world.”

Thank you very much for your beautiful message and contribution.

Click here to read more about her inspiring cello.

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