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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.
September 14, 2016
A Special Opportunity to Help

Sarra Saeed is an inspiring young woman, musician and practitioner of medicine from Sudan who would like to participate in our Training of Trainers. She needs your support to help make it possible. This training will support her goal to influence positive social change and development in Sudan, equipping her with the tools needed to train others in how to use creative artistic methods to push for social change as well.

Read Sarra’s story below and please consider making a donation towards the cost of her trip to the Netherlands. 


I am Sarra Saeed, a Singer and Songwriter. I am also a General Practitioner of Medicine and I hold a Master’s degree in Public Health. I am juggling with many activities in different fields while proving they all flow into the same sea – enabling positive change.Right now, I am an active member of the all-female band “Salute Yal Bannot”, the “HOLLA- Horn of Africa Learning and Leadership for Action”, and a health-research team studying Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Sudan. I aspire to join the non-profit field, and I am passionate about health and development related areas such as sexual and reproductive health, women empowerment, refugees’ and migrants’ health and creativity in community outreach.  In that quest, I have applied and participated in a number of workshops with international institutions such as the Goethe Institute and the British Council that enabled my current activities.

My band “Salute Yal Bannot” is an all-women band that represents the diversity of Sudan and discusses many issues concerning Sudanese, African and Worldwide women, for example FGM, self-acceptance and black-pride through songs that are written, composed and of course performed by the 11 members of the band. One of our objectives is to inspire women around the world, not just in Sudan, to follow their passions and wills and believe in their own power to drive positive change.

The “HOLLA- Horn of Africa Learning and Leadership for Action” is a program implemented by the British Council Sudan. It is an Active Citizens program working with youth leaders from Sudan, Ethiopia and South Sudan on community development through civic engagement as well as arts for development and change. I am one of the youth leaders that have been carefully selected to attend some of the workshops that took place in Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan and UK. As a result of my achievements and commitment, I was invited to perform at the European Development Days Conference 2016 as well as the parliament in Brussels, Belgium. 

I have been accepted to participate in Musicians without Borders’ Training of Trainers in Community Music Leadership. The training will teach me how to facilitate music workshops that strengthen communities, in conflict or post conflict areas, like Sudan, through bridging divides and creating emphatic connections between people within an inclusive and safe environment.

The training will be this coming October, and I need support to be able to travel from Sudan to the Netherlands, and participate in the workshops that will take place.

I am few steps away from this goal, and your support will make it possible.

“Join in and take your parts
give your hands, and understand
how in the bottom of our hearts
we know we should because we can”


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Support young Community Music Leaders in Rwanda

People tend to think music is a luxury but for many children with less fortunate lives music is an absolute necessity to fight hopelessness and to feel connected to one another. To support these children, we train and employ young people as Community Music Leaders with the skills to use music to bring an experience of community, safety, creativity and joy to children who too often face isolation, danger, stagnation and sadness. Our project is awesome because of its ripple effect; with every youth leader we train, another 100 children will benefit from their music skills.

With your help, we will train 15 more Community Music Leaders, and support our team of 30 experienced Community Music Leaders to work with over 1000 children in 2017; former street children; young people facing profound challenges, and children affected by HIV. Through life-affirming music and connection to their cultural roots, children will feel supported and valued as they so richly deserve.

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