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our work > news > Mitrovica Rock School student portrait: Anesa
Mitrovica Rock School student portrait: Anesa
August 11, 2016   West Balkans


“Music makes me feel I can do anything that I have passion for without being scared. At the Mitrovica Rock School I had the opportunity to create and learn a lot about music, which is one of the best things in my life. Music is a beautiful art where you can express yourself without being judged, which keeps you company when you’re alone and always makes you feel better.

“It’s like magic, because I can listen to a song in a foreign language but it still sounds good to me, because music has its own language that everyone understands and everyone can relate to it. People who are artists and especially musicians are really open-minded and accept you and your opinions. Luckily at the Mitrovica Rock School I have met a lot of wonderful people who are my closest friends: we’re similar and share the same point of view. Music really does bring people together.”

Topics: West Balkans