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Mixed Mitrovica bands rock Gracanica
July 8, 2016   West Balkans

Not quite like this, but close enough

The Mitrovica Rock School has had many firsts this school year. Our first training weeks for ethnically mixed bands held in our own school. New relationships with IBCM and the OSCE, who provide transport between our two branches. The first year that our didactic content was mainly in the hands of former students. And also yes, the first year that we didn’t know from one month to the next how we would survive, but we somehow* did. But the biggest revolution this year was probably the two concerts of ethnically mixed bands we were able to organize in Kosovo.


The first was initiated and hosted by the OSCE and took place in Pristina on May 14. All was good and, although unplugged, our bands rocked, so it paved the way for a fully electric, MRS-organized rock concert. This happened a week ago in Gracanica, a majority Serb town close to Pristina. Six ethnically mixed bands performed (mostly) own material to a dancing/jumping/moshing audience from both sides of Mitrovica.

The highlight? If going by the audience, it must have been the cover of Rage Against the Machine’s protest song Killing In the Name. One word: WILD.

* I.e. with the generous support of various new and old donors, some income from activities and some dipping into the core funding of MwB.

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