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June 13, 2016 •• Mitrovica Rock School
Mary McBride Band at the Mitrovica Rock School

On May 16, the Mary McBride Band (United States) visited the Mitrovica Rock School to work a whole day on new songs with our ethnically mixed bands.

THe Mary McBride Band at the Mitrovica Rock School

The Mary McBride Band at the Mitrovica Rock School

After a group session, the bands Where Is My Elephant, CreArty and Groove for Prove each worked with the Mary McBride Band for an hour and half to write a new song. Mary showed the participants new songwriting techniques centering on story-telling. One member of each band told a story that have moved them individually. Mary and the other participants then helped extrapolate a more general story to be told in the lyrics of the song.

Storytelling as a songwriting technique

The Mary McBride Band was brought to Kosovo by the United States Embassy in Pristina. They performed at the North City Jazz and Blues Festival in north Mitrovica on May 18.

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